What is ICT?

The full form of ICT is Information and Communication Technology. It is all about using computers and technology as tools to enrich learning in various subjects such as English, Science, Mathematics, etc. Worldwide research has shown that ICT can lead to improved student learning and better teaching methods. It has a significant and positive impact on Students’ Knowledge, Practical and Presentation skills in various subjects.

Associate with E-Pustakalaya

E-Pustakalaya has pioneered the integration of technology in classroom teaching-learning process. OLE Nepal partnered with Nepal’s Department of Education to launch laptop and Computer based integrated learning initiative in 2008, and has gradually expanded the program to more schools over the years. It also designed and developed digital learning materials, trained teachers to use them to enhance student learning, and set up appropriate infrastructure in schools to enable learning using technology.


1. Through ICT, visuals and images can be easily used in teaching and which helps to improve the retentive memory of students.
2. Through ICT, teachers can easily explain complex instructions and ensure students' comprehension.
3. Through ICT, teachers are able to create interactive classes and make the lessons more enjoyable, which helps to improve student attendance and concentration.


Gateway Services aims to promote meaningful uses of IT (Information Technology), which inspire students to develop critical thinking skills and support continuous autopsy. The students along with all the staffs will use IT in a creative and collaborative environment so that they will model respectful, responsible, and ethical uses of technology in social, personal and environmental contexts.

The following belief statements guide the realization of this vision:
  • We believe students and staff must be skilled users of technology, and that acquiring and maintaining skills is a continuing process.
  • We believe students and staff must have an understanding of the ethical issues associated with the use of technology.
  • We believe students and staff must have access to reliable and efficient technology resources.
  • We believe all teachers must be responsible for the appropriate integration of technology across the curriculum.

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